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Spring Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Weekend Retreat

April 8, 2022

Spring Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Weekend Retreat

Welcome the Spring Season with a weekend of seasonal wisdom and practices from yoga and Ayurveda.

Lighten up. Eat in season. Move your body. Rejuvenate yourself!

Spring into health.

Welcome the Spring season with a weekend of living and learning the wisdom and practices of yoga and Ayurvedic wellness with like-minded community members. At this retreat, you’ll enjoy practices, foods, and self-care for spring and early summer wellness. Experience guided yoga, meditation, seasonal foods and Ayurvedic body wisdom practices.

Guided Yoga and Meditation

Enjoy guided yoga and meditation sessions designed to help your body feel refreshed and invigorated for a clean, fresh start this spring.

Spring Season Foods Workshop

Learn how to eat seasonally for better health. You’ll learn principles for better nourishment and better eating habits. Taste dishes based on seasonal foods and wild edibles for natural spring detoxing. Recipes included!

Ayurvedic Body Wisdom Workshop

Do you ever wonder about the differences in body types and mental and emotional tendencies that you see from person to person in your life?  Are you curious about your own body constitution and what would be an optimal lifestyle, diet and even yoga practice for your body?  In this workshop, you’ll learn about the Ayurvedic 3 dosha model, and how you can use this framework to improve your mind and body health.

Spring Season Self Care Workshop

Spring is an excellent time to up-level your self-care habits. Deep immunity, ojas in Ayurvedic terminology, is supported by daily self-care practices. In this workshop, you'll learn Ayurvedic self-care principles and practices for the spring.

Guided Inquiry Practice and Relaxation

This is an opportunity to clarify, relax, and renew. Enjoy a guided inquiry to put into practice the ideas and themes from the retreat into your life as well as a guided relaxation practice suitable for all bodies. 

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