I partner with individuals seeking to live their best lives.

My coaching practice integrates the pillars of lifestyle medicine, the principles of habit change science, and the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda.

  • Lifestyle medicine is the evidence-based approach to wellness that emphasizes six pillars for the promotion of health and wellbeing. These include eating a wholesome diet, getting regular exercise, getting restorative sleep, managing stress, avoiding risky behaviors, and building positive social connections.
  • Better habits = a better you. When you start to change your habits, you change your life. In coaching, we work on the inner changes (attitudes, beliefs, mindsets) and outer changes (structures, schedules and routines) necessary for building long-lasting positive habits.
  • Ayurveda is a traditional wellness modality focusing on the prevention of disease and maintenance of health. Ayurveda offers time-tested principles for caring for an individual's unique mind and body. Ayurveda promotes lifestyle, diet, and self-care practices to restore balance between the body, mind, spirit, and the environment.

I also offer wellness coaching to workplaces. Find out more about workplace wellness services here.

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Healthier Eating

Strategies for improving your diet, meal-planning, and eating more mindfully.

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Restorative Sleep

Effective methods for calming the body and mind for deeper rest and better sleep.

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Work-Life Harmony

Strategies for recovering from work burnout and regain balance and harmony.

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Stress Resilience

Evidence-based methods for handling stress and living with greater ease.

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Combining assessment, coaching, and education, wellness sessions focus on exploring health and well-being challenges, articulating outcomes and goals, identifying obstacles, and finding effective solutions for achieving desired outcomes.

Holistic wellness coaching helps clients:

Learn strategies for stress resilience and overcoming burnout

Gain strategies for deeper rest and better sleep

Discover effective methods for calming anxiety and overwhelm

Alleviate inflammation through diet and lifestyle

Improve immunity through better nourishment, stress management, and sleep

Enhance energy and balance weight with healthier eating habits

Prioritize self-care and cultivate daily habits for wellness

What to Expect

Initial Session

An initial coaching session begins with a conversation regarding your health and wellbeing. Together we'll discuss your current health and wellbeing challenges and your vision for wellbeing.

Wellness Strategies & Goal Setting

After an initial session, we work together to formulate strategies and behavioral goals to help you reach your optimal health and vision for your wellbeing.

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Follow-up Coaching Sessions

Each follow-up session is an opportunity to discuss your progress, articulate new goals and approaches as necessary, and continue to work collaboratively toward your long terms goals.

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Client Testimonials

Wellness is a journey we take together. Thank you to my past clients for sharing their time with me, and for their kind and generous feedback.

"Annie's guidance in Ayurveda has been a real game changer for me. Implementing her recommendations has helped my nervous system feel more settled, even while helping me feel more physically energized. Annie helped me to understand myself through an Ayurvedic lens, leading me to find more self-acceptance while becoming more adept at bringing my whole self into balance. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to learn to honor and care for their body and mind in a more skillful way."

- Brianna Manolopoulos

"I sought out Annie to guide my journey towards learning to be a better caregiver for myself. What I loved about Annie is that she is always present and focused on my needs and goals in our 1:1 coaching sessions. I also participated in one of her virtual groups. Each session was well organized, informative, fostered a safe environment for discussion and questions, and I could make progress at my own speed with lots of resources to support me. Annie lives and breathes what she teaches and shares. She is an amazing coach, teacher, practitioner and friend."

- Donnette M Paishon MS, OTR/L Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

"Annie is a caring and compassionate teacher, guide, and instructor. I loved learning more about my own body and rhythms through the lens of Ayurveda. Annie taught me small incremental changes can make a huge difference in how my body, mind, and heart show up in the world. I look forward to working with Annie through Spring and Fall Detoxes, so my body begins to crave these opportunities to simplify, not only my life but my eating with a gentle reset. I enjoyed creating new habits around my sleep, self-care, movement, and hydration. If you are looking to build in a new relationship with you - I highly recommend working with Annie! "

- Tracy Rebstock

"Your health consult subtly changed my orientation to nutrition with a profoundly positive impact to my health. For many years I thought I was one constitution (kapha) when you showed me, with more a more detailed questionnaire than is found on the internet, that really I was mostly another (pitta). It was so worth the investment to get clarity and your skilled follow-up guidance to best nourish my constitution! Following your nutrition and daily routine guidelines, I made just a few adjustments and soon noticed feeling less irritable, less constricted in my body, and more grounded and calm. I continue to review the material you provided from time to time to stay on track.

Additionally, I enjoyed the benefits of the Fall Detox program. I have had a tendency to be a "I'll figure it out myself" gal with health practices and found the Detox group to be a sweet way to ease into autumn with a guide chock full of juicy info and a community to learn with. My favorite part was the beginning easy and releasing movement you guided us through during each session! I highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to increase their wellness!"

-Susan Treft

"I give my highest endorsement to Annie Barrett with Vibrant Soulful Wellness for an excellent Wellness and Coaching program that expertly designed and help me implement.I am thrilled with the results that includes losing some extra pounds that I put on during Covid, greatly improved my knowledge on nutrition and wellness topics, improved my flexibility by applying her yoga classes.Additionally, her meditation techniques and resources have allowed me to improve my sleep by at least 25 percent.Bottom line: I have improved health, improved attitude, and my personal relationships have improved.Lastly, the price of the course was more than worth it. I would have gladly paid a multiple of the costs to achieve the results that I have. Thank you Annie!"

-Robert Kiwiatkowsky

I recently received wellness coaching from Annie in preparation for abdominal surgery. Annie was stupendous, drawing on her combined training as a certified health coach, Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor. She helped me come up with a plan for my post surgery diet. That included her researching and providing dozens of suggestions for nutritious and satisfying meals while accommodating my significant dietary restrictions. She also helped me with safe ideas and plans for staying strong and continuing a movement practice for the three month period post surgery when I had severe limits on what I was allowed to do. Annie’s services have been excellent and her genuine care and attention have been deeply thoughtful and thorough. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

-Susan Barkan

About Annie Barrett


Annie has worked in the fields of education, wellness, and yoga for over twenty years. Her holistic approach to wellness combines coaching, lifestyle medicine, behavior science, yoga, and mindful living.

  • M.A. in Education
  • National Speaker
  • Workplace Wellness Provider
  • National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, NBC-HWC
  • National Ayurvedic Medical Association Board-Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Continuing Education Provider
  • Washington State Woman-Owned Business
  • Bilingual, Bi-literate in Spanish