Ignite Your Dharma

Live your purpose and passion.

Do what makes you come alive.

Master your time and energy.

Articulate, plan and hit your goals.

Ignite your purpose and passion and start making your dreams come true.

Self-Paced Program. Join anytime!

Program Description

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs people who have come alive." - Howard Thurman

This self-paced program is designed to help you clarify your purpose and passion, master your time and energy, hit your goals and live into your zone of genius.

  • Ignite Your Dharma. What is awakening in you? Who are you becoming next? Dharma is your life purpose and dharma is dynamic. Get curious and engage in your personal evolution. Clarify your purpose and goals for this phase of your life.
  • Master Your Time + Energy. Envision your ideal schedule. Gain project management strategies. Become a time bender. Embrace smart goal setting and learn schedule integrity to make the most of your day, your week and your year.
  • Gain Practices for Self Growth and Evolution. Explore the art and science of meditation. Discover how meditation and other contemplative practices can strengthen your purpose and make you more productive.
  • Learn SMART goal setting. Gain habits for greater productivity and goal achievement in all realms of life.
  • Your Gift the and Call of the Times. Gain insight into how your passion and purpose are perfect for what the world needs today.

What You Get

10 On-Demand Learning via Video and Audio Modules

Each module focuses on a new concept related to living your dharma and making the most of your life. You access these via your smartphone or computer.

Learning Resources

125 page program E-book, action sheets, PDFs, articles, and more.

Interactive community support

Members have access to a private group chat where you can ask questions, receive answers, get support from myself and your peers.

Bonus Modules

The Four Pillars of Dharma and Sadhana, the Path of Practice Yoga Collections


  • Module 1: Dynamic Dharma: Duties, Callings and Your Burning Desire
  • Module 2: The Four Aims of Life
  • Module 3: The Power of Planning
  • Module 4: Time Integrity
  • Module 5: Powerful Daily Habits
  • Module 6: Embrace Your Gifts
  • Module 7: Create a Personal Practice
  • Module 8: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Module 9: Strategies for Efficiency and Ease
  • Module 10: Your Gift and the Call of the Times
  • Bonus Modules: The Four Pillars of Dharma and The Four Aims of Life Yoga Collections
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​I spent the winter in Annie’s dharma course--it’s here the big questions are asked and answered. Here I slow down and return to self: mind, body, and spirit. My soul wakes up! As a homemaker, a creative, a professor of domestic education! Annie's dharma course brings me to this place where I am able to be in acceptance as I stand at this intersection between the gift and the times, and truly let go of the fruits! I turn my wounds and my challenges into the light. I find myself giving name to my dharma: MaMa M’s Broken Slices Turned Upcycled Goods. Mahalo Nui... Annie Barrett, you truly are an amazing teacher, yoga/Ayurved, life coach... A true vibrant soulful living human being...I am humbled to be your student.. Take the dharma course! You will be glad you did...it will be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself😇
- LaDonna Medina

Doing the Ignite Your Dharma course helped me get excited about doing my work in the world. I felt really supported and validated in clarifying important life goals. I also got to explore lots of different practical tools and techniques to support doing my work. Learning in the dynamic group setting allowed me to exchange ideas with other folks who were also interested in integrating their values with the practical realities of getting stuff done. By the time the course was complete, I felt more excited and competent about my dharma than I had in a long time - Thank you Annie and fellow Ignite Your Dharma students!
- Brianna Manolopolous

The most profound part of the Ignite Your Dharma course for me was delving deeply into the questions what are my gifts and what makes me come alive….and then discovering how to make changes in my own life to create more joy, meaning and connection. Annie asks just the right questions and provides a treasure trove of resources to help each student along the journey of discovery. With her own compassionate, joyful and grounded presence, Annie creates an environment of support and excitement around exploring big questions. As a direct result of taking this course, I first pinpointed activities which give me joy and then began doing more of them. The class also gave me concrete resources and ideas for creating a dharma-inspired future work life. I look forward to continuing to make new discoveries as I continue on this path. I’m grateful to Annie and my classmates for their support and encouragement, and to Annie for so fully embracing her own dharma to help us discover ours.
​- Erin Greenlee