Ayurveda Essentials

Ayurveda means the “wisdom of life.”

Discover your dosha

Kindle your digestive fire

Enliven your diet

Learn the essentials of Ayurveda for mind-body wellness.

A 4-week program beginning November 8, 2021.

Program Description

This program will immerse you the essential principles of Ayurveda and lead you to a higher path of health and well-being.

Ayurveda, the "science of life" and a sister science to yoga, is considered to be among the world's oldest healing systems and is a holistic wellness modality that promotes harmony with nature, with ourselves and with those around us. Ayurveda emphasizes good health and the prevention and management of illness through healthy daily habits, a healthy diet, and aligning to Nature's cycles. Ayurvedic wisdom is simple and effective at helping individuals take charge of their own well-being and experience a greater sense of wellbeing, vitality and peace in their lives.

This program is for you if:

  • You're curious about Ayurveda: what it is, where it came from and how it can support your health
  • You want to learn how to care for your unique body/metabolic type
  • You want to know how to eat for your body/metabolic type
  • You want to adopt better habits that support your health
  • You want to improve your digestion for better overall health
  • You're curious about superfoods and spices for health and enjoyment
  • You want to learn simple ways to promote self-and family healing

What You Get

On-Demand Learning via Video Modules

In each module, you focus on a new concept for Ayurvedic living.

4 Live Group Meetings via Zoom

Engage in group learning and make connections with our weekly meetings. Group meetings are recorded for later viewing.

Live Zoom Meeting Dates

November 11, 2021, Noon - 1:15 PST

November 18, 2021, Noon - 1:15 PST

December 2, Noon - 1:15 PST

December 9, Noon - 1:15 PST

*If you can't attend the live meetings, don't worry; the meetings will be recorded and you will receive links to the replays after the meeting.

*You may also take this program as an on-demand course and use the materials and video replays on your own timeline.

Learning Resources

A 69-page Program E-book, Action sheets, recipes, PDFs, articles, and more.

Interactive community support

Members have access to a private group chat where you can ask questions, receive answers, get support from Annie and your peers.

Add-on option: Personalized Ayurvedic consultation/coaching session

With this program, you may choose to add a 60 minute personalized Ayurvedic session with Annie for an additional $100 (value $125)


Ayurveda Body Wisdom 101

Discover how the Ayurvedic dosha model can help you understand and embrace your unique body/metabolic type

Agni, Your Digestive Fire

Learn why good digestion is fundamental for good health and how to improve your digestion

Ayurveda in the Kitchen

Upgrade your kitchen and learn how to use foods and spices to enhance your health

Better Immunity

Gain Ayurvedic rejuvenation and self-care strategies as well as Ayurveda-inspired yoga practices to support your health and vitality

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$ 147 for the Ayurveda Essentials Program

$ 247 for the Ayurveda Essentials Program PLUS one 60 minute Ayurvedic Consultation

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Contact Annie Barrett for more information or to request a Discovery Session.

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The rich history of Ayurveda medicine begs investigation. I could take years and years of training in this subject, its so interesting and uncannily obvious in improving our quality of life and improving our health. I share small amounts of what I have learned with students and friends. I feel I understand and appreciate more the goodness of nature, healthy foods, living simply and living and honoring the seasons. I feel like I'm beginning to connect the dots in my personal yoga practice and feel more healthy and alive then I have in years. I noticed that my husband has also benefited from what I have learned. We both seem to sleep better and communicate more authentically. I think it has to do with the way we eat, our choice of foods, exercise and the like.

- Laura Westrup

I'm always striving for personal improvement, and this course allowed me to learn and also have accountability through the group environment. I  have thoroughly enjoyed learning Ayurvedic and seasonal practices with Annie! As a result of this course I am more cognizant of seasonal changes, and have developed more of an awareness to my seasonal practices. She gives great suggestions, and helps you work through what your priorities and values are, and helps you identify how you can develop practices to nourish yourself and your family. I feel more connected to my food, and my habits. Thank you, Annie!

- Paige Beck

Between having a full time job, being a wife, mother, daughter, friend... I have struggled with taking time to care for myself. I learned from this course how very important it is to take time for yourself and learn skills to cope with the demands of this busy world. I really appreciated hearing about the different types of Body Wisdom and the types of food that are better for some over others. As a result of Annie’s guidance and knowledge, I have been able to take some small but effective steps to improve my physical and mental health.

​- Jennifer Kelsey

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