Not your ordinary wellness membership...

This holistic membership offers you yoga, life-style medicine, resilience strategies, Ayurveda, habit change science, and more!

This is the place to practice and connect with a community of wellness seekers and enthusiasts.

You'll find holistic strategies for health and wellbeing and resources for lifelong learning and personal growth.

In this membership, I offer you a collection of online programs, tools, and resources that are evidence-based, accessible, relatable, and affordable. These are tools I’ve used on my own wellness journey to get to where I am today. These are tools that I have used with thousands of clients to reclaim their wellbeing and thrive.

This membership is for you if:

  • You're looking for holistic approach to self-care and wellness.
  • You want to feel more grounded, connected and present in your life.
  • You enjoy yoga and want guidance and support for building a more consistent yoga practice.
  • You want tools for building better habits for a thriving body and mind.
  • You want to feel more connected to your self and others.
  • You are looking for effective ways to better manage stress and overcome burnout.
  • You're curious about lifestyle medicine and Ayurveda and how these can support your health and wellbeing.
  • You want practices and tools for graceful aging.
  • You love resources personal growth and lifelong learning.

What You Get In This Membership

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Live Yoga Sessions

Join all-levels yoga sessions on Zoom (2 to 4 sessions offered most weeks). These sessions incorporate yoga postures, mindful movement, breathing practices, wisdom teachings and guided meditation. All bodies, ability levels, and experience are welcome.

Monthly Group Wellness & Coaching Session

You don't have to do wellness alone! Join a connected community of like-minded people for monthly group session that includes wellness tips and inspiration, guided meditation and coaching.

On-Demand Yoga Library

Practice yoga whenever and wherever you life with over 100 yoga practice videos available for streaming.

Access to all Self-Paced Wellness Programs

Valued at over $1500, members can instantly unlock ALL of my programs and get access to new programs as they are created. These programs address a range of topics: healthier habits, resilience, Ayurvedic wellness, and personal growth.

Membership FAQ

What happens if the host (Annie) cannot make a live session?

If Annie Barrett can’t make a scheduled live session as much notice as possible will be given & the session will be rescheduled in the same month if possible.

Does this membership offer medical advice?

No. This membership is not a substitute for any medical advice. When you sign-up to become a member, you agree to the following: Membership is for educational purposes only. Annie Barrett is unable to provide 1:1 private support or coaching in group format. This membership is not suitable for experiencing extreme health or emotional challenges.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

I’ve worked hard to create a safe online space where members truly feel part of a connected wellness community and don’t often want to leave. But if you decide the membership isn’t for you, or your situation changes, you can cancel both your monthly membership or annual membership within 14 days of joining & get your money back - with absolutely zero pressure. If you are not satisfied with your membership after 14 days, we will refund your $47.

How does payment work?

Membership is billed at $47. Your membership can be paid via credit card. You have access to all content and sessions as long as you remain a member.

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Yes. While Vibrant Soulful Wellness is based in Olympia, WA, United States - all membership content is online and I support members worldwide.

Can I join at any time?

Yes. You can join at any time. You'll be welcomed into the community and receive email support to get started.

What do we do in a Group Wellness and Coaching Session?

During these sessions, I offer a short presentation on a wellness topic. After this, we open up the session for group coaching. In group coaching, you are welcome to check in and seek support for wellbeing challenges you are facing or to ask questions. I’ll provide you with feedback and coaching support. The community is incredibly supportive, but there’s never any pressure. You are welcome to engage and interact or to sit back and listen if that feels better.

Do I need to come to all the live sessions each month?

No. There’s never any pressure from me. Join what you can when you can. The choice is yours. There are many opportunities to attend a live sessions each month (yoga sessions and group wellness/coaching sessions). The classes are recorded for you to watch when you’ve got the time & space. You'll find the recordings in your member library.

Do I really get access to all of the Wellness Programs plus yoga for just $47/month?

Yes! Because I wholeheartedly believe wellness should be accessible. Purchased individually the wellness programs alone included in this membership would cost $1685. Joining the Membership will give you access to all of the Journey to Wellness Programs. PLUS you have access to ongoing live yoga sessions, the online yoga library, the monthly group wellness and coaching session, and a private group chat. this may seem too good to be true but it’s my heartfelt mission to make yoga and wellbeing accessible and affordable. I envision a community where we can all come together (virtually) to learn from and support each other.

Vibrant Soulful Online Membership

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I have known Annie for almost 10 years. My first opportunity to know her as a teacher was when I completed her yoga teacher training. I believe this was one of the best decisions I've made in my life! I gained so much confidence and knowledge as a yoga practitioner, and I learned skills that have greatly improved my health. Her emphasis on meditation and pranayama, as well as learning yoga poses, helped to take care of my own health holistically. I'm grateful to Annie for introducing me to practices that continue to facilitate my well-being.

I have continued studying with Annie by completing training in Ayurvedic practices, taking seasonal wellness retreats, and taking on-line yoga classes offered through membership with Vibrant Soulful Wellness. I highly recommend becoming a member of Vibrant Soulful Wellness. It is not expensive, and the benefits are so great. Annie is an inspirational teacher who lives what she teaches. I am so grateful for her wisdom. She has helped me, and many others, to thrive during difficult times.

- Katie Hendrickson

I joined Annie's membership last summer. I have had many yoga instructors and Annie is the best one for these reasons: She focuses on the breath/meditation and shares inspirational poems, quotes and makes many connections to seasonal changes. She is careful to provide guidance/alternatives on challenging poses and is very clear to understand on adjustments so that you are in alignment. I look forward to the classes and time goes quickly. Everyone was very welcoming when I started and she connects to her students. It is a supportive on-line community. Come join us!

- Cheryl Wright

In addition to taking yoga virtually from Annie for the last few years, which I absolutely treasure, I recently received wellness coaching from her in preparation for abdominal surgery. Annie was stupendous, drawing on her combined training as a certified health coach, Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor. She helped me come up with a plan for my post surgery diet. That included her researching and providing dozens of suggestions for nutritious and satisfying meals while accommodating my significant dietary restrictions. She also helped me with safe ideas and plans for staying strong and continuing a movement practice for the three month period post surgery when I had severe limits on what I was allowed to do. Annie’s services have been excellent and her genuine care and attention have been deeply thoughtful and thorough. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

- Susan Barkan

I found that taking a yoga class from Annie has the impact of creating a commitment to better health, notably, flexibility, strength, and a sense of well being.  The routine of starting the day with a balanced practice of friendly greetings, asanas, and on to meditation and a rest makes the day go smoothly with better focus and care.  Annie also provides an abundance of information, recipes, and suggestions to live "the good life.

- Art Nouveau

I can’t say enough about the wellness offerings Annie provides. I have benefited so much from health coaching (especially habit coaching) and the wide variety of yoga classes are amazing. Her library of resources is so comprehensive and widely available that I can access health information from anywhere. Also, Annie is so supportive in meeting you wherever you are on your health journey with no pressure or expectations. I highly recommend contacting Annie to help you take the next step towards wellness!

- Katie Lieberman

Vibrant Soulful Wellness is health care the way it should be! Annie shares fabulous healthy recipes full of seasonal local garden fresh vegetables and fruits. She considers whole health, from her wonderful yoga classes to walking in the woods for better mental health. I have enjoyed the online series of yoga and health classes, as well as a wonderful retreat this summer. I whole heartedly recommend Vibrant Soulful Living!

- Westport Aquarium

About Annie Barrett


Annie has worked in the fields of education, wellness, and yoga for over twenty years. Her holistic approach to wellness combines coaching, lifestyle medicine, behavior science, yoga, and mindful living.

  • M.A. in Education
  • National Speaker
  • Workplace Wellness Provider
  • National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, NBC-HWC
  • National Ayurvedic Medical Association Board-Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Continuing Education Provider
  • Washington State Woman-Owned Business
  • Bilingual, Bi-literate in Spanish