Cultivating Resilience

Learn how to skillfully work with life's challenges and grow toward a more positive future.

Learn strategies for stress resilience

Recover from compassion fatigue and burnout

Develop strategies that lead you to a better future.

Learn how to better manage stress, recover from adversity, and enhance your wellbeing.

This program is currently available for individuals, workplaces and organizations. For group pricing, contact us.

Program Description

Every human being experiences adversity, stress, challenge and loss in their lifetime. Resilience is the ability to face challenge, change and complexity, and grow toward a move positive future. While resilience may seem like an inborn trait, the fortunate reality is that resilience is a set of skills that can be cultivated.

In this course, you'll learn effective strategies for managing stress, recovering from adversity, and enhancing your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through a variety of techniques including mindset work, mindfulness, self-compassion, breath work, movement, goal setting, and habit change science.

Cultivating Resilience program is available for staff and workplace wellness. Inquire for details.

What You Get

  • 10 learning modules
  • Access to a robust online wellness resource library with videos, audio practices, tip sheets and more
  • Links to articles and resources related to course content
  • Action steps for staff for implementing resilience strategies


  • Mindfulness and self-compassion for greater wellbeing
  • The physiology of stress
  • The neuroscience of resilience
  • Evidence-based stress resilience strategies
  • Strategies for preventing and overcoming compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Self care matters! Creating a personal self-care plan
  • Building team-care in workplaces
  • Creating a personal wellbeing vision and SMART goal-setting
  • Building better habits for eating, sleeping and moving
  • Healthier habits for the workplace
  • Mastering your time and energy
  • Resilient workplaces
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If you are interested in this program for an organization or larger group, contact us for pricing information.

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Contact Annie Barrett for more information or to request a Discovery Session.

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Annie’s course on RESILIENCE provided our staff a strong foundation for being able to navigate the stressful periods of this Covid pandemic and remain strong for the children, families and clients that we serve. Annie’s courses and coaching have been a key in positively addressing staff wellness within our nonprofit. Our sessions with Annie are definitely one of the best uses of time for our employees. It has been wonderful to watch our team collaborate and support one another in making positive changes to improve their health and well being. Annie’s courses are always filled with easy to understand and useful information. She is able to individualize the content to meet individual needs. Annie knows her stuff! Our employees continue to reach out and thank us for making Annie’s coaching and training a part of their benefit package.
- Jennifer C. Kelsey, M.Ed.  (she/her/hers), Executive Director, DDI Vantage, Inc.

Annie Barrett has a wide variety of resources for health and wellbeing given to professionals through zoom groups sessions and individual wellness couching which has helped our staff to find ways to make self care our priority in the middle of COVID era. We are caregivers who serve many high risk families and Annie has helped us understand how crucial it is to take self care to a higher level. She used SMART goals to help staff identify personal goal on wellness through having a vision and strategies for a better life as professionals and for our personal lives. She really supported us in the process of writing our own goals based on each individual's needs making this a lasting wellness culture in our agency. In the meantime she also refers to mental health professionals if there is deeper healing that needs to be address due to trauma or other needs beyond her expertise. I really enjoyed every session. I learned a lot and I continue looking forward to a better year. The best of all is that she is bilingual and I was also able to talk to her in my own language Spanish with her. I loved that. You are amazing! Thank you! Ms. Annie Barrett Mil Gracias!
- Martha Camez, ERSA Specialist, DDI Vantage

The Cultivating Resilience and Habits for Resilience webinars have been such an asset to me personally.  Annie’s wisdom, and guidance has been a welcome respite during these trying times.  I am grateful and honored to have been able to participate in Annie’s workshops, and provide them to my team.
- V. Edmonds , Utah Communication Action Head Start Program