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10 habits to a better you! Gain habits for daily thrive and longevity. Self-paced program. Start anytime.

Deeper Rest

Better Nourishment

Smarter Movement

Gain the power of daily habits for a thriving body and mind.

Better habits = a better you. Create a life you love.

Program Description

Self-paced program and program plus add-on coaching package is available now.

Make this the year you prioritize your wellbeing.

When you prioritize the health of your body and mind daily, you put yourself on a course to live vibrantly and age gracefully.

Life is short and will continue to throw curveballs. When you are experiencing stress and overwhelm or dealing with health challenges, it can be hard to know how and where to start to make positive changes.

This program can help.

Better habits = a better you.

When you upgrade your daily habits, you reduce your health risks and improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, your relationships, and your productivity.

And, you fall in love with your life!

My story

I have been assisting individuals in cultivating vibrant health since 2000.

I personally struggled for much of my life with stress, overwhelm, anxiety and the persistent feeling that I whatever I did was never enough. This brought on insomnia, taut muscles, and poor digestion. I was living a pattern of worrying and pleasing others rather than living my life to the fullest.

Thankfully, I learned to ditch the mindsets and behaviors that weren't serving me and replace them with self-compassion, a growth mindset, and healthier habits. I now live a life I love: offering wellness education, coaching, yoga and Ayurveda to individuals, groups and organizations.

The Vibrant Living Habits program brings together what I've learned over many years in the areas of lifestyle medicine, habit change science and Ayurveda to help you shift your mindset and create healthy habits that so you can step into the best version of yourself and make the most of your precious life.

This isn't about adding more to your plate. It's about putting yourself first.

This isn't about willpower or being hard on yourself. In fact, it's about being self-compassionate and learning to love yourself enough to commit to changes toward living better. Small changes over time lead to big gains!

In this program, you'll learn the science behind self-compassion and habit formation and be coached in creating sustainable habits for better nutrition, restorative sleep, smarter exercise, and genuine self-care. You'll get the support to make changes you didn't believe possible so you can step into the best version of yourself.

Set yourself up for vibrant, soulful living. It's easier than you think.

Create a life you love!

Vibrant Living Habits program is also available for workplaces. Contact us for details.

What You Get

10 Habit Modules

Each module focuses on a new habit for cultivating a better mindset, healthier eating, more restful sleep, smarter movement, stress management, and self-care.

Downloadable ebooks and PDFs, and resources

With this course, you receive a better habits guide, a master habits e-book, recipes, tip sheets, links to articles, meal planning templates and more.

Interactive Community Support

Members have access to a private group chat where you can ask questions, receive answers, and get support from Annie and other program members.

Add-on Wellness Coaching Package

For personalized attention, add a wellness coaching package to your program. See details here.


Work through the 10 habit modules. Each module includes video and/or audio lessons, action steps, and additional resources.

Habit 1: Self-compassion. Better habits start with self-awareness, self-acceptance and choosing to be a friend and ally to ourselves rather than an enemy and critic. Studies show that self-compassion is a key factor is adopting better habits.

Habit 2: Meal planning and meal timing. Becoming a better meal-planner and eating at regular times leads to stable energy, better digestion, fat burning, and detoxification.

Habit 3: Deeper rest. Improve your sleep and regain your energy. Gain strategies to improve your sleep quality and troubleshoot common sleep issues.

Habit 4: Start the day right. Create a custom morning routine that enables you to start your day feeling energized, centered and calm.

Habit 5: Move your body. Make physical activity a habit. Learn easy and effective ways to move and exercise your body more every day to combat a sedentary lifestyle, increase your energy and improve your health.

Habit 6: Healthier eating. Gain habits for eating mindfully and combat emotional and stress eating. Learn easy ways to incorporate healthier foods into your diet to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and balance your weight. Recipes included!

Habit 7: Body love.  Learn body care practices for calming your nervous system, caring for your sense organs, nourishing your skin, and improving your immunity.

Habit 8: Meditation. Create a mindful pause in your day with meditation and breath practices. Learn new approaches and deepen the practices you already have.

Habit 9: Stress resilience. While you cannot eliminate all the stressors from your life, you can gain habits to more effectively cope with stress, release stress, and return to balance.

Habit 10: Easeful Living. At the end of the day, we all want to live with more ease. Our final module is designed to help you orient your life around ease, connection, and fulfillment.

Bonus Modules! This program also gives you access to four bonus modules:

  • Three yoga practice videos - on-demand all-level yoga practices to support your health and wellbeing
  • Your Ayurvedic constitution - Learn how to understand and optimize your unique body-mind
  • Habit change and relationships - how to improve your habits with the helps of your core peeps
  • Kitchen sadhana - how to up-level your kitchen for higher health and efficiency
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Contact Annie Barrett for more information or to request a Discovery Session.

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Before the Vibrant Daily Habits course, I had great difficulty with sleep habits and making time for mindfulness. I am now able to incorporate healthy sleep routines and meditation into my daily life. My eating habits and overall body care are also much better. Thanks to my course with Annie, I have been able to modify habits that change the way I approach many aspects of my life. The course is very informative and Annie is a wonderful, supportive coach. I highly recommend the Vibrant Daily Habits Course.
- Katie Lieberman

​Ever wonder if a bad habit can realistically be replaced by a healthy habit? Look into "Vibrant Living" course taught by Annie Barrett. I did, and I'm thrilled with the outcome!
- Vicki Muirhead

Through the course, I realized how often it was my tendency to ignore or disregard how I was feeling in my body rather than pay attention or care for myself. This was most evident to me in relation to my sleep routine, which tended to start too late and was too short overall. I am now so much more mindful of my evening activities, and better able to recognize and honor when I am tired and need to go to bed. I am sleeping much more peacefully as a result.  In addition, as a result of working with Annie, I now feel like the changes I want to make in my life are actually doable.
- Jamy Stillman

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