Spring Detox

Ready for some spring cleaning?

Reset your diet

Lose unwanted pounds

Prioritize self-care

Lighten up and reset your body for a healthier spring and summer.

Ayurveda recommends a gentle detox twice a year, each spring and fall to eliminate toxins and reset the body for a healthier season. Join us in April 2022.

Program Description

Let's face it: winter takes a toll on the body.

By the time spring rolls around, many of us are carrying extra weight, congestion or heaviness, or we simply feel that it's time to lighten up. Join us for a 3 week online guided group detox to get your body on track for a healthy spring and summer season.

If you're ready to clean out the junk and toxins from your body and to recommit to your self-care and movement regime, you're ready to detox!

Spring into Health!

Make this season count. Take the Vibrant Soulful Spring Detox to clean your mind and body and start living better.

  • Kick your sugar habit
  • Reset your cravings
  • Lose unwanted pounds
  • Improve your digestion
  • Learn to prepare simple and wholesome spring foods
  • Clear out congestion and prevent spring allergies
  • Commit to better self care
  • Get on track for the spring and summer season

What You Get

Video Modules

Video modules to guide you in in planning for, executing, and completing your spring detox.

Live Group Sessions

4 live group sessions via ZOOM video-conference

Downloadable Guides, Resources & Recipe Book

You get a 63 page downloadable Spring Detox Booklet, a 25 page downloadable recipe book and online recipe collections with amazing plant based recipes plus PDFs and links to additional health resources.

Supportive Yoga Practices

This program includes a Spring themed yoga practice collection

Interactive Community & Support

Interactive community support. Members have access to a private chat where you can ask questions, receive answers, get support from myself and your peers.

1:1 Coaching

With this course, you get one personalize coaching session with Annie (value $125)


The Spring Detox is a guided 4 week seasonal detox.

You'll get guidance and support to remove toxins from your diet. You'll get lots of suggestions and recipes for planning and enjoying a nourishing, seasonal diet to bolster your immune system and reset your health for the season. You'll also get habit tips and lifestyle guidelines to live in tune with the Spring season.

  • In Week 1, you prepare and are guided into detox mode
  • In Week 2, you are supported to deepen your detox
  • In Week 3, you ease out of detox, a cleaner, clearer, refreshed version of you
  • In Week 4, we meet once more to share our experiences and celebrate our successes

This simple detox is based on healthy, whole food, plant based foods. No need to buy any fancy supplements or ingredients. Our focus is on healthy, fresh, seasonal foods that are naturally detoxifying. You decide what to eat and you customize your meals based on ideas and suggestions from the course. This course will provide you with education and support for improving your diet along with suggestions and recipes for meal planning.

This detox is also an opportunity for resetting your daily habits to support your wellbeing. You receive support and resources for starting a better exercise or yoga routine, improving your self-care, and getting better sleep.

Spring Detox Live Meeting Details

We will be meeting 4 times for this course. These meetings will be held via ZOOM video conference. You can access the meeting via your computer or phone. If you can't make the live meeting, don't worry because the meetings will be recorded and you will receive a link to the replay after the meeting.

Course Starts April 2022; dates TBA

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Returning Students: If you have participated in a Fall or Spring detox with us before, you are eligible to take a detox again at half price. Contact Annie for this discount before signing up.

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Contact Annie Barrett for more information or to request a Discovery Session.

Contact Annie

Annie is a caring and compassionate teacher, guide, and instructor. I loved learning more about my own body and rhythms through the lens of Ayurveda. Annie taught me small incremental changes can make a huge difference in how my body, mind, and heart show up in the world. I look forward to working with Annie through Spring and Fall Detoxes, so my body begins to crave these opportunities to simplify, not only my life but my eating with a gentle reset. I enjoyed creating new habits around my sleep, self-care, movement, and hydration. If you are looking to build in a new relationship with you - I highly recommend working with Annie! " - Tracy Rebstock

"I highly recommend Annie’s Vibrant Living Habits Course for anyone interested in making a serious commitment to their health. This course lays a good foundation in Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle habits (this should really be incorporated into high school curriculum). The spring and fall detox programs allow you to refine your wellness practices with a supportive peer group.  In Annie’s Ayurveda Women’s Course, she dives deeper into Ayurveda and helps troubleshoot women’s hormonal health issues.  Personally, I’ve enjoyed improved health and wellbeing by participating in these empowering programs. Annie’s course materials and coaching are excellent in all her offerings." - Susan Kanzler

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