How to Use a Wellness Wheel

Published by Annie Barrett: 
August 17, 2022

A Wellness Wheel is a visual guide and tool for self-exploration that can help you assess different aspects of your wellbeing. There are many types of wellness wheel that highlight different areas of wellness. Wellness is an active process in which an individual becomes aware of and makes choices towards a more a healthy life. Using a Wellness Wheel is a tool for helping you engage in this process for yourself.

The eight sections in the wheel represent areas of your life:

  • Physical wellbeing: Eating well, exercising, quality sleep
  • Mental Wellbeing: Having a healthy mindset and emotions
  • Social Wellbeing: Feeling connected to others
  • Recreation: Engaging in hobbies, fun and downtime
  • Financial Wellbeing: Budgeting, saving and managing money
  • Career/Occupational Wellbeing: Experiencing satisfaction with work
  • Spiritual Wellbeing: Engaging in personal growth and understanding
  • Environmental Wellbeing: Having a safe and comfortable living and working space

Instructions for Using the Wellness Wheel

The eight sections in the wheel represent your life. Rank your level of satisfaction with each area out of 10. 1 means you are struggling and feel unfulfilled in that area. 10 means you’re satisfied with that area and don’t think it needs much improvement. Go with your gut on this one. Color the number of spaces on the wheel that match your ranking, starting from the inside and working out. Once you’re done, you should see which areas need improvement and which ones you feel satisfied with.

What score did you give each area?

  • Physical Wellbeing ___
  • Mental Wellbeing ___
  • Social Wellbeing ___
  • Recreation ___
  • Finances ___
  • Career ___
  • Spirituality ___
  • Home/Environment ___

Which areas are you doing well in?

Which areas would you like to enhance?

Download a PDF of the Wellness Wheel here.