Build Deep Immunity with Restorative Yoga

Published by Annie Barrett: 
November 18, 2019

Don’t you hate it when you realize that you’ve been living life in the fast lane, being too busy, feeling stressed, not eating well and not resting enough, and you wear down on your immune system and you end up sick.

Let’s not let that happen!

Late fall is an important time to build up immunity. The Ayurvedic wellness tradition has a word for deep immunity, ojas. Ojas is considered the life sustaining vitality that promotes immunity in the body. is responsible for sustaining your physical health, mental clarity and emotional well-being. When your ojas is strong, your cup is full. You are a picture of health. Your eyes are bright. You look well-rested and content.

You build ojas by good, wholesome living.  When you are living in the fast lane, you spend your ojas quick.  Burning the candle at both ends is a sure way to deplete your energy reserves.

Here is a list of simple ways you can build your immunity or ojas.

  • Keep good company. Positive people nourish and uplift the soul.
  • Eat nourishing foods. Enjoy warm, whole foods. (For autumn nourishment ideas, click here.)
  • Live and eat in season. Season living promotes immunity. (For your fall health tip sheet, click here.)
  • Rest. So simple, yet so often overlooked! Go to bed early and prioritize rest.
  • Positive touch and hugs. Practice self-massage and give and receive hugs.
  • Reduce/avoid sweets, alcohol and caffeine as these can hamper immunity.
  • Do a restorative yoga sequence. Restorative yoga is a yoga practice focusing on restful postures and breathing to help the body relax deeply.
  • Meditate. Meditation lessens inflammation and aids the body's natural immune system.
  • Get fresh air. Go out into nature. Time in nature has been shown to boost the immune system.

Restorative yoga is a great way to build immunity and replenish yourself.

Here is a simple 11 minute restorative yoga and pranayama practice you can use to build your immunity: