Yogis' Best Travel Tips

Published by Annie Barrett: 
June 10, 2019

Our family loves to travel. We spend most of our summers on the go visiting family out of state, camping, and traveling to Peru. We travel by foot, plane, train, bus, car, and taxi.  We sleep in airports, hotels, homes, cabins, and tents.  I’ve gotten good at traveling, but it hasn’t always been this way.  I've always loved the stimulation of traveling – taking in new landscapes, meeting new people, tasting new foods, etc. Yet, getting a good night sleep and keeping my digestion running smooth haven't always been easy.

That’s where the strategies of yoga and Ayurveda come in.  Over the years, I have cultivated an effective tool kit of strategies to keep me healthy when I travel. Now, no matter where I am on the planet, I keep my daily routine, and I incorporate strategies, foods and remedies that keeps my body-mind healthy and happy.

These are my best travel tips:

Stay hydrated. This is my number one travel tip.  It’s so easy to get dehydrated while traveling.  In my experience, dehydration leads to feeling ungrounded, spaced out, grumpy. Dehydration also upsets digestion.  I always travel with my water bottle. If it’s cold, I travel with a thermos full of hot water. Ayurveda recommends room temperature and/or warm water rather than cold beverages for sound digestion. To feel at home, I like to travel with a few of my favorite herbal tea bags. .

Travel with nourishing and grounding food.  There is nothing worse than being hungry while traveling, and there is nothing worse than being somewhere like an airport terminal or gas station convenience store with no good food choices. I love to try new foods wherever I am, but on travel days, I always bring along my own nourishing food.  Fresh fruit, cut up veggies and nuts are a must.  Instant oatmeal is great for early morning breakfasts on the go (simply add hot water to a thermos cup).  Other options are avocados and fresh bread, par-cooked veggies or salads.  To make sure I get my daily dose of greens, I like to bring along super greens powder to add to juice or water.

Support your digestion. Traveling can easily upset digestion. These are some ways I support my digestion while traveling:

  • Ginger tea. Drink throughout the day and after a heavy meal.
  • Triphala. Take the Ayurvedic remedy triphala in capsule or powdered form with warm water before bed for smooth digestion.
  • Add chia seeds to your favorite drink.  Chia seeds are great for energy and they support bowel regularity.
  • Magnesium supports healthy bowel function. Try magnesium citrate. I like this type.

Support your sleep. Do you find it hard to sleep in new places? I am a sensitive sleeper. These are the strategies I use to sleep soundly when I'm traveling:

  • Use an eye mask. I love this black silk eye mask. It helps me sleep soundly when I'm home and away.
  • Magnesium. I love the magnesium calms my body and helps me sleep when I'm away from home. There are many forms of magnesium available. Two forms I like are magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate. I use this type.

Stick to a routine.  No matter where I am, I follow the same morning and evening routine.  My routine helps me feel at home wherever I am. These are habits for the morning and evening routine that will keep you grounded and centered anywhere on the planet:

  • Wake up at roughly the same time of the day.
  • Drink 2 cups of warm water first thing in the morning.
  • Center yourself with a morning  meditation. Even five minutes counts.
  • Do ten minutes of exercise before breakfast.  
  • Before bed massage your feet with oil. A foot massage relieves stress and fatigue from travel and helps settle the nervous system for sleep.
  • Try to get to bed by 10 PM

Do yoga.  A few poses every day while traveling will help your body feel comfortable and strong.  Whether your travel includes lots of plane or car time, or lots of hiking, a few sun salutations in the morning or some supine poses in the evening will refresh, enliven and keep your body from getting stiff or sore.  (Yoga on the go? Check out my free yoga resources. You can play them right from your smartphone.)

Use essential oils.  Essential oils are great for travelers.

  • Use lavender to  reduce stress.
  • Peppermint and ginger help with motion sickness and improve digestion.
  • Eucalyptus is great respiratory support.
  • Citronella is great for repelling insects.

Happy Travels!

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