Moon Journaling for Creativity and Self-Care

Published by Annie Barrett: 
June 16, 2022

Moon journaling is an easy and effective way to deepen your self-care and connect to your creativity. Just like the moon, you go through phases. Learn how you can use your journal to align to the moon's energy and deepen your awareness of your own cycles.

New Moon

Move inward. Rest. Inquire. Be intuitive. Enjoy the dark. How can move inward? How can I set myself up for good rest and self-care? What more can be released so that I can move into the next cycle. 

Waxing Crescent: 

Plan and act. What is stirring in me? What projects do I want to take on now? What structures need to be in place for me to act? How can I take action toward my goals? 

First Quarter

Use this time of strength to tackle your projects. Are my actions aligned with my intentions? Do I have the support and structures in place to meet my goals? What obstacles are arising and how can I move through or around them? Who are my allies? How can I improve upon this?

Waxing Gibbous: 

Notice what’s working. What has been working well? What has not? What improvements can be made to better accomplish my aims? What do I do next?

Full Moon

Celebrate your accomplishments. Enjoy your embodiment. What accomplishments can I celebrate at this time? How can I celebrate? How can I best enjoy my strong, sensual nature? Who do I want to spend time with?

Waning Gibbous: 

Tap into the support of the universe. Plan to bring your projects for the month to fruition. What can I finish up in the next week and a half? What projects do I put on pause?

Third Quarter

Harvest your gains. What can I harvest at this time? What have I learned in this moon cycle and how can I integrate this learning?

Waning Crescent: 

Self care! How can I improve my self-care? What do I need to do for myself? What do I need to release at this time? How can I set myself up for a personal retreat for the new moon?