Resources to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

Published by Annie Barrett: 
May 17, 2023

Mental health and wellbeing at work declined during the pandemic and continues to decline according to recent studies. This post lists key findings of a recent survey on employee mental health and offers a variety of resources to support mental health in the workplace.

Recently, the Resume Lab surveyed 1000 employees to learn more mental health challenges and wellbeing needs in the workplace.

These are some of the key findings of Resume Lab’s Exploring Mental Health at Work Survey:

  • Two thirds of those surveyed reported having experienced work-induced mental health problems in the two years.
  • 49% reported that mental health struggles were caused by work pressure.
  • 68% responded that they have taken time off work because of a mental health condition.
  • 59% reported feeling their mental health was a barrier to career advancement. 
  • 68% expressed concerns that disclosing their mental health condition would harm their professional reputation.
  • One-third believed that the opportunity to take mental health days would positively change their well-being.

When asked in the survey, how workplaces can best support an employee’s mental health, respondents responded with the following:

  • Provide access to mental health benefits such as therapy, counseling, and mental health apps – 44%
  • Offer wellness programs such as yoga and mindfulness training – 41%
  • Create a supportive culture – 41%
  • Eliminate workplace stressors such as unrealistic deadlines, poor management – 39%
  • Foster social connections – 38%
  • Offer flexible work arrangements – 37%
  • Ensure fair and equal treatment – 37%

Resources to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

If you’re looking for ways to support your own mental health in the workplace and/or looking for programs for your workplace, I have some resources for you.

Free Resources  

Insight Timer App - This is my favorite app for guided mindfulness and meditation practices. Here, you’ll find a variety of meditations offered by myself and thousands more offered by other teachers.

Free Yoga Practices - Have 15 or 30 minutes? Breathe and move with these free yoga practices.

Tip Sheets - Need some reminders to have in place for mindful breathing, healthier eating, or releasing stress? Download my wellness tip sheets here.

Services for Workplaces and Individuals

Coaching - I offer coaching to individuals, groups and workplaces. The unique skill set of health and wellness coaches support employees in workplaces at all levels in behavior change that impacts work-related health challenges including: stress, resilience, burnout, mental wellbeing, and cognitive performance. Learn more here.

Workshops - I offer a variety of workshops with evidence-based strategies for individuals and teams to manage work-related stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout, Learn more here.

Mindfulness and yoga programs - Specific breath and body practices to improve on mental and physical wellbeing as well as cognitive performance. I offer programs for individuals and for workplaces.

Consultations - I assist workplaces in building positive, healthy and resilient work environments. Learn more here.