Published by Annie Barrett: 
October 4, 2021

Let's talk about self-care.

Self-care is the art of paying attention to you and your needs.

Self-care ≠ self indulgence or being selfish.

Self-care means taking care of yourself so you can be healthy, experience wellbeing, be able to do your job effectively, take care of others, and accomplish what you need to do in a day.

The World Health Organization defines self-care as: “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.”

Self-care is a necessity. A parent, caregiver, worker, manager, leader, or administrator who is perpetually exhausted has little to give.

Self-care includes:

  • Eating well - Eat high quality whole food to fuel your body and brain
  • Refreshing yourself - Take mini breaks throughout the day
  • Quality Time - Spend quality time with special people
  • Winding Down - Engage in calming activities to decompress after work or school
  • Resting - Take time to relax and make sure to prioritize sleep.
  • Feeding your Spiritual Self - Join a spiritual community, engage in contemplative activities such as meditation, prayer, art, or spend time in nature,
  • Knowing Yourself - Do more of what brings you joy

Ask yourself,

  • What daily routines for self-care for you do you have in place?
  • Is there a self-care practice routine you’d like to add to your day?

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