Simple Gratitude Practice

Published by Annie Barrett: 
November 22, 2021

We are continuing to live through a rough time on this planet. If you are fortunate enough to gather with loved ones this season, make the time to feel grateful that you can do this.

Gratitude can be medicine to help ourselves, our families and our communities heal.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness. While gratitude may arise spontaneously, it is also a practice. Practicing gratitude you up to positive thinking, enhanced physical and mental wellbeing, and better relationships. Appreciating and savoring what is going well in our bodies, homes, relationships, and communities counteracts negativity and bestows health onto our bodies and minds. People who practice gratitude are more positive, compassionate, and generous. They also sleep better, have healthier hearts and less aches and pains.

Being able to experience gratitude for even the simple, ordinary good things that happen in life helps shift our mindset toward greater positivity and resilience.

Try it!

Simple Gratitude Practice

Take a moment and pause. Take a couple of deep breaths.

Bring to your awareness what is good in your life at this time starting with anything that you consider to be positive with regards to your physical body and health. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for the amazing functions of your body, including those that happen without your even noticing like your respiration and blood circulation.

Then consider what is good in your environment including your home, the place where you live, and even the room you're in right now. Bring to your awareness what you appreciate including favorite furniture, plants, and anything that brings you comfort and satisfaction.

Next bring your awareness to the the people in your life who are positive, the people who support you, those who make you laugh, the people you love. Notice in your body how these people make you feel.

Finally, bring your awareness to the positive things going on in your communities, whether that be your work community, your neighborhood, or an organization or group you belong to. Become aware of the activities and efforts that you've appreciated in these communities.

Allow your body, mind and heart to register this positivity.

Notice how this feelings of gratitude feels good in your body. Gratitude can be calm, warm, soft, nourishing feeling. Let this feeling spread throughout your body.

Pause and savor this experience.