The Health Benefits of 25 Herbs and Spices

Published by Annie Barrett: 
November 23, 2020

We are used to using spices to enhance the flavor or food. Our spice pantry is also a medicine chest! Learning the beneficial health properties of spices and herbs is a fun way to turn your kitchen into a pharmacy.

There are so many herbs and spices to choose from! Here is a list of some of my favorite herbs and spices with their energetic qualities and health benefits.

Anise: pungent, heating, light, detoxifying, boosts digestion

Allspice: pungent, heating, boosts digestion

Asafoetida: pungent, heating, dispels gas, boosts digestion, anti-parasitic, antibiotic

Basil: astringent, warming, stimulating

Black pepper: pungent, heating, increases circulation, promotes digestion and weight loss, relieves cough and congestion

Bay leaf: pungent, bitter, heating, boosts digestion

Caraway: sour, pungent, warming, reduces gas, relieves water retention

Cardamom: sweet, mildly pungent, cooling, digestive stimulant, curbs sweet cravings, relieves gas and indigestion

Cayenne: pungent, heating, promotes circulation, heating, and drying

Cinnamon: sweet, mildly pungent, warming, boosts circulation, detoxifying, antiseptic

Clove: pungent, heating, stimulates digestion, remedy for colds and coughs, antibacterial, anti-fungal

Coriander/cilantro: astringent, cooling, relieves excess heat, boosts digestion, relieves gas

Cumin: slightly pungent, bitter, warming, strong digestive, boosts appetite, cleanses fat and toxins, antimicrobial

Fennel: sweet, cooling, cooling digestive, breath sweetener

Fenugreek: pungent, bitter, boosts digestive fire, relieves gas and indigestion, increases lactation,

Garlic: pungent, heating, anti-parasitic, immune booster

Ginger: pungent, warming, strong digestive

Mint: sweet and slightly pungent, cooling, boosts digestive fire, curbs cravings, antibacterial, reduces inflammation

Mustard seed: pungent, heating, boosts digestive fire

Nutmeg: pungent, heating, stimulates digestion, binds stool, induces sleep

Oregano: slightly pungent, warming, boosts digestive fire, diuretic, decongestant

Parsley: astringent, pungent, warming, drying, reduces water, digestive aid, alkalizing, aids in weight loss

Rose: sweet, mildly bitter, cooling, soothes inflammation, calms nerves

Rosemary: pungent, heating, reduces gas

Thyme: pungent, heating, reduces mucus, astringent, antibiotic

Turmeric: bitter, heating, digestive, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal