Yoga is as healthy as people say it is.

Published by Annie Barrett: 
May 17, 2023

Just a few weeks ago, an article came out in the New York Times called Yoga for Skeptics. "It really is as healthy as people say."

The article goes on to list the many ways in which yoga benefits one's health including:

  • reducing stress
  • improving sleep
  • improving cognition
  • reducing back pain
  • improving balance
  • improving strength
  • improving mobility
  • lessening anxiety and depression

These are all real reasons that I practice yoga regularly and have been doing so for over 25 years.

The New York Times article goes on to clear up misconceptions about yoga such as yoga is only for thin people, or you have to already be flexible to do yoga.

Truly yoga is for every body.

There are many ways to adapt yoga for different bodies. Furthermore, you actually don't have to move a lot to get the benefits of yoga. Many of the benefits of yoga come from the conscious breathing that takes place in a yoga session. Movement is then added to the breath.

If practice yoga, you already know this!

If you haven't practiced yoga before, I'd love to invite you to give it a try!

In my classes, all bodies, ability levels and experience levels are welcome. I invite practitioners to honor their bodies and needs and tailor instruction to toward specific needs, level of comfort, and experience.

On my website, I offer several free yoga videos you can check out anytime.

If you'd like to engage in yoga more regularly, I offer live yoga classes on Zoom four mornings a week, and I also offer on-demand yoga programs and custom yoga for the workplace.